CBD is Changing the World

Since the rediscovery of CBD-rich cannabis in Northern California in 2009, and the experiences of young Charlotte Figi and her parents, a growing number of clinics have been recommending CBD-infused products for their patients, often with excellent, sometimes “jaw-dropping”, results. Testimonials might not impress everybody, but they are everywhere, and some of them are truly inspiring.

The Hemplucid staff is in close contact with a number of people who are using CBD for various purposes.





-Cystic Fibrosis

-Crohn’s Disease


-Prostate Cancer

-Pancreatic Cancer


-Physical Therapy

-High-impact Athletes

-Marathon recovery

-Crossfit gyms

-Flight Anxiety

We’re not attempting to claim that CBD cures all of these conditions. But we are delighted to hear the stories of our customers who are noticing results, sometimes astonishing results. It’s a great pleasure we have to watch our friends and families benefit, and we hope that our customers will talk to us, and let us know how CBD is transforming your lives.

Together we are participating in a great moment in history. The world feels upside-down in so many ways, but the re-introduction of hemp-derived supplements is a bright spot, long overdue, and we believe our society will be transformed for the better in the years to come. Cannabinoid-derived therapeutic supplements belong in every medicine cabinet in the U.S., because the hemp plant has a tremendous ability to interact with the nervous system, and the immune system, and set a strong precedent for healthy, enlightened living.

Recent surveys have shown that 40% of those who use CBD daily eliminate 80% of pharmaceuticals from their daily intake. This is an astonishing number, and it’s most certainly part of the reason that the political structure resists embracing CBD.

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