Grind in the Gym. Recover in a Flash.

CBD is for Everybody

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the main therapeutic compounds found in the cannabis family of plants, which contains both psychoactive and non-psychoactive species. Neuro Armour utilizes the extracts of non-psychoactive hemp plants, and any traces of THC are fully removed.

Over the past several decades, a wealth of science has pointed to CBD as a beneficial supplement for an incredible variety of conditions, and it does not make you "high". CBD is gaining momentum as a treatment for epilepsy, addiction, depression, and even cancer. At Neuro Armour, we're thrilled about this forthcoming science.We would like to remind you, however, that CBD is not only helpful for people who are suffering from these or other conditions. We know that CBD has tremendously positive qualities for general well-being, and we believe it should be available in every gym and every health food store in the United States. 

Clinical studies have demonstrated that CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory, a top-notch pain reliever, an anti-convulsant, and a stress reliever. Given these effects, it's not surprising that many fitness enthusiasts and athletes are using CBD as a workout recovery tool. CBD is becoming increasingly popular with people who train strenuously because it offers a post-workout pain reduction, soreness relief, and better, more restful sleep. 

Our customer base includes athletes of all kinds. We've recently seen increased interest from Crossfit gyms, Junior Hockey Leagues, and marathon groups. The word is out. CBD is a nutritious supplement that delivers, and athletes of all levels from around the globe can experience the benefits.

"I Started Taking CBD Now I'm a Monster in the Gym"

There's a 75 year-old gentleman named Rod who swings by the Neuro Armour office occasionally. Rod tells the story of being a weight lifter when he was a young man, and he was very strong. Unfortunatelly, over time, the effects of Fibromyalgia became overwhelming, and Rod had to leave the gym behind. 

"There were days that I hurt so bad that I couldn't stop thinking about suicide. How can you get yourself to the gym if you can't even get out of bed?"

Rod began taking Neuro Armour supplements about two years ago, and he is back to lifting at the gym 5 days a week. He was excited to tell us that he out-lifted a group of 20 year-old's, who gathered around him shocked at the amount he can lift. "CBD makes me feel like a kid again," Rod said. "I feel like a whole new person."



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